Tuesday, March 23, 2010

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Raven said...

Its sad. I was actually having a re occurring dream where I was pregnant with my current boyfriend. It was so sad bc my family looked down on me, but in the end my boyfriend & I ended up living happy lives along with our child. :'/

It felt so real. It was like living another life, while I was dreaming.

My views on it; it doesn't really mean much. I mean teens have sex. It's their choice if they lay on their backs. It is errupting into something popular, but people shouldn't bash girls for it. We mainly give into sex because of preassure & confusion. & simply because we want to be loved by him or liked by our peers. It all takes some thinking...

& I saw Alice in Wonderland, too! =D It was amazing. (:

I have not the slightest idea why a Raven's back is like a writings desk. xD

I was like "Johnny Depp said my name!" Lmao.