Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Today was almost like summer. It was at least 75. Track was brutal. Oh mann.

Sun rays cast on trees, making a stripes across the pavement, like blind shadows. The windows were open, and the warm April breeze fluttered across bare shoulders, The music blasting in her ears seemed distant, Like she was in a far off world, Away from the voices and tests and people The bus turned and shifted slowly, like a rocking cradle. The sky was the perfect shade of blue, As the dusk set in, clouds streaked the spotless completion of the sky. Making long swirling waves of pink orange and yellow. Closing the shades she said goodbye to the sun for the last time. Swallowed quickly, and waited for the darkness to creep in.


Kay said...


and track's been brutal for me, too especially in this hot weather.. GAH

*Carly* said...

iknow! it's almost here. I didnt know you ran track. haha I love it! but its tough the first weeks. haha.