Sunday, May 9, 2010

For awhile now, I've been fascinated with death.
I have awkward depression and anxiety over the fact that when I die, I'm dead.
I always think of dying when I walk down the street, and I hear a car coming, I un-noticeably step a bit closer into the road. Wondering that maybe the car would hit me, and I would die. And I'd be dead. Secretly hoping it'd hit me for a split second. Then i come crashing back into reality and i jump to the sidewalk. But i guess its one of two things, I want to be remember for what i had the potential to be, instead of dying old. and being remembered as what i never was. But maybe. I just wonder, what my life would look like, without me in it,.

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Grace said...

That's such a cool photos, and I can see why death fascinates you.