Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I was kinda just standing there. Like I was alone. Even though I knew i wasn't But i managed to be quiet enough. That way they might just forget i existed all together and stop bringing it up. Even though I had lied countless times about what did or didn't happen that night. I knew what really went on. I wished desperately i could tell him it was nothing and I was sorry. But how could I lower myself to his standards? How could I become a hypocrite?  How could someone like me.. be so angry with someone like him?

And i had a dream, of a small girl. With the biggest blue eyes. Staring at me with such innocence. An innocence that was a little nerve racking. Like she knew so little that she could see right through me. Him and the guys I had previously been seeing were fighting. In a large pool that i soon realized was an ocean.. yet i could see the entire thing clearly. surrounded by a pinkish gray concrete. and he came flying out of the water. then i woke up.

But how am i suppose to know what my dream means id i don't even remember my point of all this in the first place
? Whats wrong. with me. whats wrong?


Raven said...

Maybe you should read books on decoding dreams & you love the boy you're talking about? If I read it incorrectly, please let me know. I hope you get better, hun!

*Carly* said...

Yeah i'm really intrsesed in dreams and suchh. But yeah i love him:) haha. I've been going out with him for 5 months now. things are just starting to go down hill. but thank you:) its nice to know someone actually reads this.