Wednesday, May 19, 2010

State of Nostalgia

I'm so sick of this. I wanna go back. I miss being little. I miss you. I miss crying, and you kissing the boo boo and everything was fine. I miss going to bed at 7. I miss cartoons and cereal. I miss it all.

It's been a cry for help every since two years ago. But no body will listen to me. Oh my god. what have i done?

I know now, in the end, no one cares if you're an alcoholic, drug addict, anorexic, or a liar. Cause those can all be fixed with the right help. But when you're a whore... that's like putting a label that will never come off. That cannot be undone or fixed. Ever. You can never be brought back. And now, I feel un-fixable.I feel like if I'm not this person, you wont want me anymore. I feel broken. I feel, like a whore.

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