Tuesday, June 29, 2010

all i can do is hope that someone, somewhere, listens to music like this, thinks of me, and smiles.

i really hope and pray that i make someone very happy. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that i succeed to make myself memorable. i hope someone is thinking of me when Bigcitydreams comes on.

i love how music can bring you back to something. i remember laying in my friends bed, eating sour patch kids when Please Don't (remix) by Intruder Alert! came on. We were watching a Vh1 show on Christofer Drew, discussing how much we loved him and laughing at her spazzy dogs. And now every time i hear that song, i remember exactly how i felt and exactly how those sour patch kids tasted. I remember smiling to myself and thinking, I've found my best friend.

I remember listening to, Awakening by Switchfoot on the last day of 7th grade. I remember dancing around the cafeteria with my friend and laughing uncontrollably when a teacher told me to settle down. I remember that i wasn't happy about school being over, i was happy i made it to the end of school. I was ecstatic that i was alive. I was thankful that i made it through such a terrible year. I felt lucky that my heart was beating.

I remember hearing Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen on the radio. about 4 years ago. i was night fishing with my father. he had the truck parked on the beach with the radio turned up, while i baited our hooks and he untangled a reel. he sang every word to this song. then it seemed like nothing special. but looking back, it makes me cry. it was a time i felt so happy. it was when i could go to bed at night and not be worried. i could laugh and not care who heard me. it was when everything was candied and boys had cooties. and thats exactly how i feel when bruce says  "Show a little faith, there's magic in the night."

i'll stop my blabbering.
i just love all of these songs so much. you really should watch the video for Awakening, its probably my favorite music video of all time. and Thunder Road is just phenomenal music.

^best friend.


Kay said...

I love that, when music takes me right back to a certain time and place :]

even if the time and place were unfortunate memories, it's still an interesting senseation

*Carly* said...

It is. I'm so thankful to have such great music all around me.:)