Tuesday, June 22, 2010

dear.. whats your name again?

i haven't talked to you in almost 2 years now. i like how you could make me laugh by just looking at me. and i guess when we stopped talking it was because of more than just me talking to him, it was because us being together wasn't right. we were friends. not anything more. and the more we tried to push it the more it broke down. and i know for a week its gonna go right back to normal. everything will be happy and like the old days. but then we'll begin our fighting the way we used to. and i don't miss that. we ruined a perfectly good friendship, but i don't miss it. i miss the butterflies i got when i talked to you. the way i felt when i heard your name. and today when someone asked me how you were i felt that again. and i looked at them and i said, i honestly, have no idea. and i probably never will. cause i'll never speak to you again. cause if i do, i'll be your best friend again. and i'm not willing to put myself though that again. sorry.


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