Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Here we are, this is it.
Walk away, say, see you later.
Wave to me, blow a kiss, cause you think I'll be around.
But this is the last time you'll see me.
I'm done, I've waited so long for today.
This is it.
Soon enough I'll be gone.
I'm running far away.
I promised not to leave you.
But I've broken hearts before.
I'm leaving now, so they don't see me when I break down another door.
I'll be alone. By myself. I don't need anyone anymore.
Go away, now I'm done.
I never trusted you all the way.
You're just like everyone else. May you find someone someday.
Stop pretending to be my hero.
I'm not a princess, and I can save myself.
I have before. This is nothing new.
Walk away. Don't turn around.
Please don't look back. I don't want you, to see my cry.
Just please, don't say, goodbye.

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Candy said...

Ahw, I like this post. Especially the photo.