Monday, June 28, 2010

  • the sad thing about this place, is everyone keeps pretending they like each other, we pretend we don't already know what every one's thinking and we pretend we aren't in bed by 930.
  • everyone here is so concerned in their stupid boats and beach passes they forget whats really important.
  • they're all forgetting this is not the real world.
  • and i'm not so sure i can handle such fake people, this place is filled with them, run by them. and when people tell me they hate it here, they hate it for all the wrong reasons.
  • they say "i hate that there's no where to go out"  or "i hate that i know everyone!"
  • you don't know everyone. you've never actually been out before, so how do you know what your missing?
  • NO. I do NOT want to live the "cape codder life" i already did.
  • I DID go fishing everyday evening.
  • I DID go out on a boat every summer day.
  • I DID go to the baseball games.
  • I DID spend countless hours playing with the eels in the bait shop.
  • I DID catch my first stripper.
  • and I cried when i realized he was what my dad was referring to as "dinna"
  • So stop telling me what I haven't experienced. Cause i did. but its gone now. just like him. that part of my life is gone. and i don't wanna relive it with anyone. not even you. sorry. 

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