Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So my name means little, strong & womanly.

little.. I hate when people say I'm little. Seriously. I am NOT little. I mean, I'm no 200 pound man but I'm not 80 pounds either.

womanly.. what does that mean? boobs? ughh. boobs. what a hassle.. or like womanly as in, girlish looking? i look like a girl.

strong.. i'm not strong, my legs? ARE JACKED. my arms? not so much.. or emotionally strong? everyone says i am? but maybe i'm just good at hiding my feelings. maybe...

i have decided i love my name. i've recently been told its a "mannish" name. well bitch, its not.

guu night.

1 comment:

Kay said...

guess what... my name means little and womanly too :D

but a name doesn't define a person, people just like to stick generic definitions to names :]