Saturday, June 5, 2010

We're always making exceptions. We say we won't let something happen to us, we say we have to much pride to let someone walk all over us. We say that everyone deserves a second chance, and a third and a fourth chance and so on. We allow ourselves to go so far down in self loath we begin to blame ourselves for what others do to us. We get cheated on, it's all of a sudden our fault for not fulfilling what the other person needed. Others fail and we blame ourselves for not being supportive enough. We fail ourselves, soon after all the blame is cast upon us. Never being satisfied with the happiness we're so lucky to have surrounding us. There's always a doubt hiding, and we feel that nobody could understand, but in a place such as this one, with so much hate and depression we're just looking to fit in. Here in America, us girls, feel that if something isn't always wrong, something isn't right. We've been taught to believe everyone gives up. We've been shown that we need to learn to be strong, fend for ourselves, and never be caught crying, we've begun to realize, however, this is all wrong. We now are staring to see that even though we feel so alone, we're all exactly the same. We each have our story. That all of us are willing to scream out to whoever will listen. And after we explain to someone exactly why you should feel depressed -but don't- we realize they don't really care, they have there own problems. We feel stupid for making ourselves vulnerable. And we build a wall back up, just for it to be knocked down again later, we need to stop letting our culture rule what we think and how we feel. We're losing girls everyday, to self-hate, eating disorders, drugs and alcohol, to sex and the effects it has on young girls. Its about time we come together and stop blaming ourselves, for the problems of the world. We have to end the "trying to fit in" and start "being exactly what you are", we need to stop caring what everyone thinks. We need to forget about everything and everyone, and start new.

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