Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Could someone PLEASE reassure me that living your life, according to your horoscope is ok? Because I'm preeeettyy sure its not ok in this serious situation....

Oh yeah, and can it stop being so fucking hot outside?


Macky said...

It's funny, because I usually don't live by it, mostly because I never really check my horoscope. Leo's a cool sign, but I don't exactly act like one.

But, you know, after I saw this post, I did check my horoscope on my Quizilla, and it was dead-on true.

I was in a pretty good mood today, and I had to write to my best friend, because I missed & needed to catch up with him. Crazy.

A sign from the stars, maybe? :)

Oh, and yeah, it's WAY too freaking hot. Whopping ninety-freaking-seven outside.

Hope everything works out for you. :)

-Macky [Mickey? Mack? I don't know what I'm going by nowadays.]

Gracex said...

I don`t live by my horoscope. But am a pretty classic Libra girl! I love checking horoscopes, when my Grandma in around she won`t let me check them though! She thinks they are....I don`t know blasphemous!!!

*Carly* said...

Macky- I like that, Macky:) its fun to say! haha. Yeah I read some posts about your best fiend moving away and all. And that sucks, I'm really sorry. Thanks for commenting btw:]. And I'm defiantly a Pisces girl. Haha. It's weird how t matches up!?

Grace- I know someone whose mother is crazy about psychics and hodoscopes or whatever, apparently its like the devil or something? I don’t know if I believe that... but I also check my horoscope a lot. every day actually haha I have the app on my phone. its sad. lmao. thanks for the comment:)!