Thursday, July 22, 2010

Guy's are assholes. If you argue with him. you're head strong. If you're quiet, you don't care. If you call him, you're crazy clingy. If he calls you, he says you should be happy. You don't love him, he'll try and win you. When you do love him, he leaves. If you don't fuck him, you're a tease, if you do, you're easy. You tell him your problems, he says you're irritating, If you don't tell him everything, you don't trust him. If you lecture him, you just wan to argue. If he lectures you its because he 'cares' about you. If you break a promise he doesn't trust you anymore. If he breaks a promise its because he "had to". If you cheat, its over. If he cheats, he deserves a second chance. THEY'RE BASICALLY THE SAME. Guys drink to forget girls. Girls drink to remember the boy.When guys are in love they become poor. When girls are in love they become pretty. Guys can forget, but they never forgive. Girls can forgive, but they never forget.When a guy is heartbroken he tries to find as many girls to hook up with as possible. When a girls heartbroken they try to find a guy the same as the last one. Guys wish to be their first love.. and girls, wish to be his last.

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Grace said...

that's really good