Monday, July 26, 2010

hi, my names Carly.

i want piercings. i want tattoos. i cry sometimes. i write all the time. i love taking pictures. i wanna be on tv. i love talking in front of people. i get nervous before every kiss. i scrunch my nose a lot. i have little freckles on my cheeks. i'm very pale. i love art. i'm very bad at jumping rope. i'm a cheerleader. i'm smart. i'm not stuck up. i'm very moody. when i'm happy, i'm HAPPY and when i'm sad, i'm SAD. i wanna be a billionaire. i will be the next katie couric. i'm very messy. i like sunshine and green leaves. i'm very bad at painting nails. i can't keep my mouth shut. i love to dance. i love eminem. i listen to just about every kind of music known to man. i like people that are weird. i've never been normal. i have the most random cravings. i used to have severe insomnia. i have a little brother, who's my best friend. i love this boy named James. i've been his for almost 8 months. i have about 8 different voices. i have a stuffed animal named crystal, she's a seal. i've had her since i was 4. i love meeting new people. i'm starting high school soon. i'm excited. i love my daddy. i have a very loud family. i'm one of those people you have to turn the volume on your phone down for. i love my followers. my favorite thing to do is sing, blog and laugh. i live for summer. i'm very very bad at math. i'm moving out of my house the second i graduate. i'm happy i'm young. i love skillet and all time low. i love animals. i love cats. i would actually die for my dog. i'm a little crazy. my friends mean everything to me and i can't stand Styrofoam.

just saying.


WannabeAuthor said...

Some of the most simple things about yourself are the most interesting. :)
And I'm with ya on just about everything. :)

Anonymous said...

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