Saturday, July 10, 2010

I don't know whats wrong with me. I'm not being fair. But I hate how you make me feel. I don't know whats going on inside me right now. My whole heart hurts. nothing is working. I just want this summer to end. I just wanna be alone. I just want to run away. As far as I can. And the truth is, I don't wanna take you with me. I remember when we were little and everything made sense between us, you were my best friend. We could hide under the covers together when your parents got in those nasty fights. And you'd hold my hand when I went to see my Dad in the hospital. You were there every step of the way. You helped me feel like when I fell someone would catch me. You taught me to trust.  But now you're mean. You're annoying. You betrayed me. I don't trust people anymore. Notice that? I forgive everyone. I let them hurt me over and over again.  I wait forever to let people in. It's so hard for me to look at someone and believe what they're saying to me. I end up hurting people that care about me because I take and never give.
I can't stand this much longer... it's kinda over between us. You've done nothing wrong, really. But I don't feel excited like I used to. I don't miss you anymore. I'm beginning to forget why I let you be my everything in the first place.

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