Sunday, July 11, 2010

So as many of you know, The Hills is ending. Which for me, is super sad. :(. I was watching the re-runs that have been playing on MTV for what seems weeks, and I'm noticing with each episode Spencer seems to get a little crazier. I think it's one of the funniest things ever like... he's inane!

Heidi was such a pretty girl... what happened? I think plastic surgery can be a good thing, for people who have a something that makes them feel really self conscious. If you're 24 and you're still and A-cup, and you feel very unhappy with yourself, then yeah, if it's gonna make you feel good about you,GET FAKE BOOBS!
I mean, I think, personally, people should embrace their flaws, and I for one wouldn't get plastic surgery. But to each is own.
The reason I'm blabbering about this, is I believe The Hills relates to my blog. In the sense of, so many teenage girls watch this show, and other reality shows. They see girls with huge boobs, perfect skin and platinum blond hair. They have sex tapes, they drink and party every night. Its effecting all of us. Girls in America see this and think
"That's normal. I need to look like that to be normal. That's what beautiful is. Beautiful is normal. I need to be normal."
Not everyone weighs 95 pounds, has D-cup boobs, and wears a size two. Actually nobody does! No one that's all natural anyway.

I'm not judging you Heidi, I understand you were insecure and felt pressured... it was a mistake. But for the record, you we're perfect before. In your own way.


Gracex said...

I agree Totally, it's not right to condemn plastic surgey when so many women say, dye their hair. They are trying to turn back the clock. That is exacty what people with botox are doing.
IT's the same with makeup. The surgery that Heidi got is a lot more extreme and she probably should have been stopped before she got so out of control. But as long as a person dyes their hair, paints her nails wears makeup and spends a fortune on clthes and shoes the can't judge. Becaus all that person is trying to do is enhance theirselves like Heidi.
Although Spencer is (sorry for the pun) a total prat. :)
And WOW Heidi was sooo pretty before I like her hair colour!

EpicCliche` said...

i think Heidi was prettier brfore all the plastic surgery.