Tuesday, August 17, 2010

chasing the wind.

all those girls that are obsessed with starbucks, facebook and teen vogue.
skinny jeans, band tees and eyeliner.
hair straighteners and alternative music.
Out every Friday night and weekly breakdowns.
we're the foundation of America. and we're cracking under the pressure. the pressure to be perfect. to be normal. to be happy.
hypocrites. its only wrong when your eyes are watching from the wall. hypocrites. all those adults we're us once, right? they went through this. only it was easier.
thriteen year olds are smoking pot. fourteen year olds are having sex. fifteen year olds are drinking. and sixteen year olds are dying. where is this going to lead to? what will become of us? where will our children end up?
be a good friend, good daughter, good girlfriend, good student, good athlete, good girl.
i'm being pushed. please tell me you're crazy too...
the result of all this chaos is being miserable where we are. when are we gonna be happy right where we are? every single girl wants to get out of their small town. but why? where do we think we're going? where the hell do i think i'm going? who the hell do i think i am? what makes me think, i deserve better, what makes me believe that i can get out of here? sure, its quiet. sure, its boring. sure, i know everyone. sure. but wherever i end up, it will eventually become quiet, the party's will die down and i'll know everyone.

people were made to move. made to change all the time. that's what it is, i need change. we all need some change. we've lived in the same place almost our entire lives. when i move away in four years, i want to look back and think to myself, i lived it up, i had the best time possible while i was stuck here. i did everything i wanted, and i don't regret anything.

i don't regret anything.


Anonymous said...

u dont regret anything? really now

*Carly* said...

I'm saying , I don't WANT to regret anything MORE. so shut up.