Monday, August 30, 2010

   "I can't ask you to erase your past, can I?"
He shook his head. The pictures were torn and dusted the floor like confetti.
   "Why did you let this happen then? If you meant everything you said, why?"
He looked over to the window, hoping maybe, a bird would fly by and sing to him the answer she wanted to hear. There was nothing more for him to say, not another word could make anything better.
   "There's nothing more for me to say, not another word could make anything better..." Molly nodded and picked up her things. She turned and made her way to the door but stoped abruptly, she put down her things, and a glimmer of hope danced across Andrews chest.
   "What are you doing?" He almost blurted, but he shut his mouth before the words got out, and he watched her reach into her purse. She pulled out a piece of crumpled paper and unfolded its dogeared edges slowly.

  " Dear Molly," She spoke, her voice shaking.
"I love you so much, we'll last forever. You know I would never do anything to hurt you. You're the one girl I want and no one can come between us. You're the most beautiful girl I've ever laid my eyes on. I can't believe I found someone like you. I really do love you. Please stay with me forever. You can tell me anything and trust me. I trust you, you really are my best friend.

   "I wrote that last February." Andrew had a talent at stating the obvious.
   "Yes, you did."
   "You kept that with you all this time? Why?"
   "Because, I believed it. Because I knew, every time we got in a fight or I thought we were going to break up, I'd look at it, and believe you loved me, and would never hurt me. I believed you meant what you said."
   "Oh.." Andrew played with his thumbs and tears began burning behind his eyes. "I did mean it. I still mean it, Molly you know I love you more than anything, I don't know what I'll do witho-"
   "Save it." Molly stopped him short, Andrew's eyes widened with surprise.
   "Save it. Save it for the next bitch you find, save it for the girl you supposedly love, save it for all those girls you've had this entire time. Save it for the ignorant little bitch that wanders her way into you. Save it for her. I don't need it anymore. After months of this "love", I've come to realize you never deserved me in the first place, I was too quick to forgive you and to slow to understand you. So goodbye. Don't call or text or write. Just.. save it."
She threw the letter to Andrews feet and gathered her bags, she buttoned her coat and walk into the late April rain. Andrews jaw was still dropped and his hands fell to his sides, a tear rolled down his cheek while her bright yellow coat faded down the sidewalk. He reached down and picked up the note. He shook his head and went upstairs.

Molly found herself in the middle of Chicago in the pouring rain, alone. Crying as she walked, she kept her head high, knowing someone else always comes around.


Veronica said...

That's really beautiful. Is this from a book? Did you make it up? Or did it realy happen?

*Carly* said...

Haha I made this up actually. I kinda wanna write a book so i was just warming up my fingers hahaa: but thanks!