Monday, August 23, 2010

people are complicated. this is something my mother told me. something, that I actually believe, I see no way someone could argue with this. people are complicated.
people do things they don't understand. things no one understand. people react in ways we don't always expect. weather or not the reaction comes out, on the inside it is true.

people dislike other people a lot.

I dislike people. a lot...

but I admit, I don't know them, I don't know anybody and no body knows me. understanding what someone’s been through, and knowing what they've been through are two very different things.

in reality though, no one understands because no body has felt the same feeling you felt in your heart and soul. everyone grieves differently, loves differently and lives differently. and those are the three things that never go away, they're the constant cycle. weather or not love, loss or life come first, they will all come eventually.

people never feel good enough. they judge themselves through others eyes. you spend all your time waiting, for a second chance, that will never come if you just stand there waiting.

sometimes people have hidden things. things they aren't proud of. secret pasts. skeletons stuffed to the brim of there closets.

its funny, peoples biggest fears are themselves. they have a fear of becoming what they're supposed to be. afraid to live up to what they've been told they need to be they're whole lives. my life is planned out already. and I will do anything in my power to mess it up.

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