Thursday, August 19, 2010


At first you didn't have a reason to try, then the first chapter ended... in tragedy... Then, the best thing that could of happened, HAPPENED. People came around again, you had money, love and a home. Then you started this little game again. The first strike was called. Then another. Three strikes and you're out.

This is no longer a joke or a game. This is an ultimatum. This is it. So grow up, look around, at the people that love you, the people you've hurt. The people that tried, even when you refused to. Look around.

Ok. Less more. So I'll say this in a sentence short enough for you to understand.

You need to stop, you are killing yourself and your loved ones, if you don't stop, you will never hear from any of them again. Make sense?

Do you ever think, what if my children don't come around when i'm old? What happens when you're alone. When you have no choice but to be alone, no one wants to be with you? What is that like? I don't understand your way of thinking. I thought I was insane, you're ten times worse.

I pray every night I don't turn out like you.

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