Saturday, August 14, 2010

You’ve ever been so scared not even turning all the lights on helps?

“Ssshhh.” He put his finger over mouth.

She swallowed hard. She knew exactly what she was doing

Six days later, everything is upside down. Everyone knows your secret. How are we supposed to keep going? How are people supposed to stand up and smile like they’ve never been hurt before?

I remember the way you controlled me. Hands, head and heart. You used every trick you had. You were stronger than me.

We lost everything. You and I. We were partners. We both played a silly little game; a game of pain and jokes and lies.

Addicts. All you and I had was time and a piano. All we trusted was that music and those words. Those words I wrote, I sang those words with every piece of my body. I sang those words with every ounce of air. You understood my words. The first person to read what I had written and not question one word.

Then he came along. He took you away from me. He took away my best friend. He took away the only person I’ve been able to sing along with. I still remember our songs. Beautiful, they were.

The city of Boston came and went along with those nights of dancing and laughing. Those days of crying and yelling.

The door can slam over and over again. You can keep on leaving me. Leave me. Go on, I know she’s waiting for you. Go on. I know you’ll be back soon.

The way you moved when you played that piano. Your whole body moved, you looked like you were finally, alive.

This is one long story of love, loss and legacy.

“Say your goodbyes.” She told me to say my goodbyes. That’s no fun. I’ve been lied to. I knew deep down you’d never make it, but I wanted to believe, so I did.
“Say your goodbyes.” Three words. Changed my entire life.

I hope when you hear that Taylor Swift song, you think of me and smile. I hope you sometimes remember staying up all night and telling each other every secret. I hope someday you think about your old best friend.

I hope you think of your daughter.
I hope you think of that lake.
I hope you think of that Halloween.
I hope you remember that ride home. From the Friday night football game. I hope you remember what you told me. I hope you never forget.


Jc said...

What happened?? Why did your friend leave you??

*Carly* said...

It's a long story. Its about 7 different people incorperated into one person. My father my best friend my cousin and other old friends.