Sunday, August 1, 2010

 you've taught me how to be beautiful
 you taught me to have grace
 you showed me how to smile
 you told me i was smart, when i made dumb mistakes.
 you let me cry in your arms, without saying a word
 you helped me sing in tune, and play the perfect chord.
 i'm starting to move on now, its very sad to say,
 but soon i will be leaving, never comming back your way
 it was nice while it lasted. four more years to go.
 thanks for sheltering me while i was fragile, but now i've got to show,
 this whole world who i really am, under beauty grace and smiles,
  i need to prove i had the strenght, to make it all the while.


Veronica said...

I really like this, as I can seriously relate.

*Carly* said...

hah thankss!<3