Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dear ex-brother,
My I've missed you a whole bunch. You texted me today saying "heey!". When your name popped up I nearly smashed my straightening iron into my face, but I didn't reply. My friends wouldn't appreciate me talking to you again. But I don't think talking to you again is a good idea either. I haven't seen you since May and I can say I've done some growing up. I missed you a lot that day in June you promised to show up, but never did. Why? Because drugs came in between me and you. It always did. That's why talking to you would be hurtful to myself.. You have an awfully addictive personality, making habits of everything. You were always such a good boy. What the hell happened to my friend? My brother? The person I would do anything to protect, where'd you go? And what made you text me today? Did you think of me? I don't really think of you much anymore. It hurts to much. I wish you would've stuck around, to see me so grown up, meet the love of my life and walk through the doors of high school with me. But it was your choice. Sorry, but this is your mess now. Clean it up yourself.

Love always,
The sister you never had.

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