Saturday, September 18, 2010

If you came down from heaven,
For just one lovely day,
It means I didn't waste my 11:11's
wishing my life away.
If you came down from the blue sky,
to spend a night with me,
We'd spend the night together, seeing what no one sees.
If you could come to hug me,
I think my heart would stop,
So don't come down to see me,
I'll drown in tears, get a mop.
This pain is what I needed.
This is exactly what I get.
For you left me here for a reason.
One I'm not quiet sure of,
and will probably never be,
But as long as you still love me,
I'll keep wishing on the stars,
Keep me safe when I lay down,
I miss you.
Sincerely, me.

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