Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm not sure what hurt more, seeing you and feeling nothing or seeing you and knowing you feel nothing.
My existence is the product of the air that cools my lungs.
Promise me you won't remember this in the morning, cause I've had enough of all of you.
 I'm 100% done. I don't care.

I do not care.

Run away, go away, get away. Don't look in my direction and pretend we never were. When you see me tomorrow just act like those years never happened. Those deaths never occurred and our friendship never became life. Pretend I wasn't your supernova. Pretend we're strangers. Tomorrow night when you sit in the seat behind me, don't put your feet up, don't play with my hair and don't whisper about the other girls in my ear. Tomorrow when your world comes crashing down, take care of yourself. Cry to yourself and shut our mouth; just like i've been doing for weeks.

Give up your best friend.

I gave up all of mine. Down to the very thread of what was left, i cut it all away. I pushed it away and turned my head.

I gave it up for this; and it was worth the hurt.

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