Saturday, September 4, 2010

No one lives forever. In fact, quite the opposite. Our generation is expected to die before our parents. It’s so hard to break the boundaries that society have put on us, but you have to. I know it’s hard to not be scared about the future, you think you have to work non-stop so you can live when you’re older. But fuck it. Your teenage years will be the best years of your life. So go live them. Road trips, making friends, fucking girls, whatever. Just go do it. Don’t waste your time now for the future, because it may never happen, you may be killed tomorrow. I’m never going to live my life in the conventional form that is birth, school, college, work, marriage, the grave. Fuck that. That is what “This Is What The Edge Of Your Seat Was Made For” is about. “Let’s not change the subject - let’s go chase the sunset, bring me the horizon,” meaning, stop putting off shit, get off the computer, and go make an unforgettable moment happen with your friends. Go get that feeling like when you’re in a different country and the air is warm and you feel so different.

— Oli Sykes


Candy said...

LOVE this post.

Anonymous said...

myboy<3 Soo.right. He congragulated me for crowd surfing&ripping my shirt off. "i lived in the moment"-Olisykes<3

*Carly* said...

thanks for loving it! haha. Hes amazing.