Saturday, September 11, 2010

you lost track of who i am. i lost track of who i am. so long.

i stoped listening to music. i wasn't hungry. i stoped staying up all night. i stoped dreaming. i stoped thinking.

i started listening to you. i stared being healthy. i stared sleeping. i started living. i started doing.

i'll never forget those wishes. those stars that shot across the sky a million miles a second. the stars that paused for a moment to smile at us. to kiss our cheeks and tell us they'd grant one wish.

i yearn for this heartache this burrowing pain deep inside me. it gives me a reason to smile and mean. it gives me a reason to listen to sad songs.

but you just lost me. don't call me the love names you did before. don't recycle what we had on her. don't call me again. don't talk to me ever again. don't even look at me.

maybe someday i'll miss you. but i already let go of you, of them and everything i knew. you already shot me down. you think i can't find better?

 watch and learn.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Carly it's James, now I'm pretty sure this is the opposite of what you said to me after you wrote this last night. Now I mean if this is how you feel then you need to stop lieing to me. Be careful what u wish for Carly...