Saturday, October 9, 2010

people choose where they're gonna put themselves. lately i've been in the right place at the right time. i think when i took the huge step of letting go, everything got easier. if this is what it takes to be old and wise, i don't mind being young and stupid.

we all have dreams of coming home and having some scrabble pieces spelling out some kind of message we've been waiting for. we always get a glimmer of hope when our phone rings that its gonna be that person and they're gonna say those words that will change everything. but the truth is no one will call if the don't have your number. people can't read your mind. if you want something, ask for it. when you're waiting for someone to call you, call them. maybe they're waiting for their phone to ring.

you only live once. so eat that 400 calorie cinnamon bun. play another round. take another shot, sleep 5 more minutes, laugh a little harder. stop waiting for everyone else. just go and someone's bound to follow.

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