Saturday, October 23, 2010

You can stay, but here I go.

well first of lemme say I'm sorry.
I kicked you while you were down
and I know that's wrong.
I can't compare myself to these bitches cause I'm flat out better;
I'm on top of the world right now and leaving you behind was a mistake.
Unfortunely there's no looking back now;
You're on your own;
but truth is we all end up alone anyway.
I'm looking around like I got someone to thank,
but then I realize I got myself here.
I didn't need your help and that's why I never asked.
Scew those fucking haters, they're obviously "your type."
You messed with me so long and I was clearly unaware. I'm looking at my friends but they just laugh and stare. Some friends I got behind me huh? I know they're all just fake. But hey, take a step back and say, I would've done the same damn thing if I were her.

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