Sunday, November 21, 2010

"I'll leave you four secrets in this letter and you tell me if thats four enough for you to fall in love with me."

You scare me. I'm Chasing myself in circles for you. It's almost like walking on broken glass when I see you. It hurts so badly, I just want it to be over. This is a nightmare I cannot wake up from. I'm trying to make good with my subconscious. Begging her to let go of my throat. I remember asking her one day if my dreams are the reason i wake up crying every morning- or if maybe; i just miss him so much, my heart weeps through me.

"I'm sure you got the first three, the three that turned to one. But the last one will be a riddle. Of course, the answer lies within yourself. So tell me, what four letter word reminds you of that warm September?"

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