Monday, December 13, 2010

I guess this time I let everyone else strangle me, I gave up before we started. I continued to dream of white swans and breaking ice. Candy raspberries and  salty glass rims. You're drunk off the laughter filling the room; and when everything's spinning so fast its like a carousel. Right when I trusted you enough to fall back, you stepped away. I was falling for a few months, waiting for impact. Eventually I thought I'd fall forever; everything would just fall slowly through time with me, tumbling through my days in minutes and sleeping through the night  in seconds. Right then, when I let go of the fear, the ground came closer. I smacked hard, coming to a dead stop. I thought my heart burst and my eyes wouldn't open. I was so shocked with the cold end I couldn't gasp the air fast enough. The air wouldn't come.

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