Saturday, June 26, 2010

how's everyones' summer going?
i decided to do a post, that's more like, me talking to someone, apposed to, me posting, my depressing poetry and random pictures.

anyway, my summer's been going pretty well so far. with only two full days down, i'm in full summer-mode. i'm sunburned, but hopefully, it should turn to tan. i could use some color. being pale is always something i've liked about myself. i like that my skin goes white in the winter and i like that people refer to me as a porcelain doll. is that really an insult?

moving on....

now tell me, do any of you regret saying something to someone you thought you could trust? of course you do. everyone does at one point. do any of you regret something, rather important? something that could have changed your life? yeah i know. almost all of you. i think i stopped regretting things two years ago. when i realized, i live once. and everything i do, is just one little step to whatever i'm gonna be. and whatever i turn into, is exactly what i was supposed to be. there's no "right way" for anyone. there's no "right decision". they're all right,  because the other choices weren't chosen so they're irrelevant. some people may tell you they were "wrong choices" but they're only wrong in there mind, they wouldn't of picked the way you did. and there's nothing wring with that. there's one thing that people get confused with "wrong decisions" and "stupid decisions" stupid ones are real. they can be stupid to both viewers, the person who did it, and the person that watched it happen, and they're only stupid, because you had fun doing them, but in the end, you wondered what it would be like, if you haven't. and wrong decisions, don't even exist. my life is filled with stupid decisions. and i thank god for that every night. so go and make some stupid decisions, while your young, so that you can still laugh at them.

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