Friday, June 18, 2010

maybe it's just me, but i think this is weird. how you happen to be just like me. every single thing. is just like me. i wish you would stop being so real so that i could learn to hate you again. but i kinda understand what his "type" has been this entire time. but what i don't get is what makes me better than you? you're so incredibly perfectly understandably like me. if this had been different, i would be your best friend. i would totally understand you. i could talk to you all the time. and maybe that's the sad part of you being my enemy... you're everything i could want in a best friend. you, out of everyone in the entire world, would understand me better than anyone else, but now we can never be friends. and that's okay... cause giving up something i never had doesn't bother me. but missing out on something that could have been.. that... that bothers me.

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