Friday, July 2, 2010

Even though we aren't friends anymore, I still like looking at you.
That sounds weird.
I still like looking at you, and remembering what we used to be.
I like feeling like I'm 11 again. I had the biggest crush on you. I remember everything that happened that summer.
I remember, everyday, when I walk past the picnic table we laid on and the old oak tree you would climb to show off. I remember every time we pass each other in silence.
You smile, I look away.

I like how my stomach did flips when I thought of you.
I still remember the way you held my hand.
It was the best feeling in the world.
A real live boy, holding my hand, in front of everyone.
I felt like I was flying that summer.

Even though we've both changed and both grown up a lot. I can honestly say, you're one of the only people that gave me butterflies by just saying my name. By just looking in my direction.
Thank you so much for giving me memories that make me smile. I hope you remember too. Someday maybe we can be friends again.


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