Tuesday, August 24, 2010

every second is passing me at the speed of light. I feel them whispering to me, come along, be in our moment. come. I’m coming. I’m on my way. first I have to live these moments. I have to go with all the other billions of seconds. I have to wait.

the funny thing is, with you, all the little seconds stop. all the little moments pause. its a beautiful thing really. we're a beautiful thing. I didn't think this was possible. I think we're a little miracle. me and you, its special. I’ve told you how much I hate being cliché. and I know, every young love has said this before, but I think we were meant to last. and there isn't any way for me to prove it to every person that’s reading this, rolling their eyes and hitting the red x. but that's okay.

we don't need to prove them wrong. but we will. by lasting. which won't be any challenge. being with you is the happiest option.

stand still. and look up. when you look up... do you think, ceiling. or do you think, angel . Do you think of someone, something, bigger and more important than high school? When you look up do you think of something greater? when you stand in the ocean, do you feel little? do you feel shocked? when you jump into snow do you think, cold. or do you think, the one last thing we cannot control, this world, its weather, its way of telling us what to do.

you can't control the rain. so when it falls, smile. lay in it. dance in it. live in the rain. live in the uncontrolled.

open your arms and feel the wind hug you with all its strength. go far away from everything that reminds you of home. feel what you've never felt and taste what you've never tasted.

get off the computer. do something you aren't gonna forget. go fall in love, or do something dangerous, laugh really hard. do something. make a difference. weather its a difference the whole world sees or the difference in yourself that you can see. jump for once, not up, but out. jump out.

feel what I’m feeling and maybe you'll understand. look in the mirror and feel acceptance. that’s your body, and it is beautiful. that’s you, and your alive. your soul is alive. so let your soul live while it has its chance.

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babygirl ur the cutest thing ever