Saturday, October 9, 2010

i just looked through the memories. i ran them all through my head like a movie, pausing a few times to look at the smiles on our faces. the time had slipped through our fingers like water. the moments we shared together seem so long ago. those pictures of us seem so young. just 18 months ago i never would have thought.

 we know more then both of us should. we both did things we weren't supposed to and we went through things our other friends didn't understand. thats why you meant so much to me, when i cried, you knew why. when i looked at you i was looking at myself, i was looking at someone i trusted. it showed me things i never knew about myself when i looked at you. i saw what everyone else did.

i'll never forget what we had. but you've ruined our future with what you said. did you say that? i barley believe could you? but who else would? no body. i didn't think someone could hate me that much and it hurts to imagine thats possible. its scary to think someone i was once so close to, would think or say something like that.

i'm gonna miss you. bye.

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Harmony. said...

this just made me extremely sad.