Saturday, November 13, 2010

comfy socks, sweatpants, music, texting, owl city, naps, summer evenings, memories that make you smile, hot showers, kissing under blankets, football season, good morning texts, dreaming, ripped jeans, new sweatshirts, Christmas morning, new songs, kittens, fresh snow, pictures, holding hands with your best friend, cuddling in movies, happy tears, sparkles, purple nail polish, getting letters in the mail, beach hair, sunsets, pizza, parties, love letters,the smell of matches, freckles, red ribbons, scars, charm bracelets, wrist veins, blogging, rainy days, tattoos, poetry class, sudden rain, waisthugs, hand warmers, cashmere sweaters, thanksgiving, perfect mascara, birthday cake, car rides at night, airport lights, spazzing, pina coladas, tacky mardi gras beads, accents, snow days, sleepovers, christmas shopping, snowmen, secret valentines, gelly pens, stars, harp seals, baby hair, glasses, bendy straws, first kisses, butterflies. ♥