Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sorry I haven't posted in a while.. I've been busy with life and what not.

secret #1 You're still the first one I'd tell.

I got braces- awful, painful, nasty, gross, braces.
But hey, only 18 months.

It's weird that I didn't say anything on the 11th. Two years ago on the 11th your heart stopped beating, and for a moment- so did mine. When two years ago today, I was laying in the hospital. Wanting nothing more but to fall asleep and never wake up, to just sleep and dream away everyone. Two years ago today, that hospital was home. Two years ago today you were laying lifeless in that hospital. I kept crying, "Tell me what you want to hear, whats the last thing you want to hear?"

You never answered me, and the machines beeping indicated you were falling off, your eternal sleep was coming and you couldn't stand another minute in the hospital bed, on this perfect island where everyone is sheltered from reality. You couldn't bear to hold yourself here anymore; and there was no point in fighting for life that was impossible to live. I'm not mad you let go. I'm not. I just wish I went with you.

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